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Your Brand Supercharged

Better Videos, better marketing strategy

Throughout this phase, we gather all necessary information to create the ideal video that aligns with your marketing objectives.


Creative Sprint Call

Before writing your script, our experts study your brand, audience, and competitors. We use this knowledge to create a script that stands out.

Step 02

Marketing Analysis

Leveraging insights from the creative sprint call, Marketing Analysis, and Project Objectives, the Creative Director at 88 dgtl drafts your project outline and script for production.



88 dgtl's skilled filming crew executes the shooting day based on the specifications outlined in the project blueprint.


Filming Production

88 dgtl's seasoned editors will start assembling your video footage. Your first draft will be delivered within 10 days or less.



Improve Conversions

Boost conversions, uncover opportunities

The 88 dgtl Production System streamlines video creation for brands, making it simple to produce the volume of videos required with ease, precision, and speed. 

Given video's established role as the most impactful medium across the digital marketing spectrum, the demand for high-volume video content has skyrocketed.

For marketers tasked with generating a substantial number of videos, 88 dgtl, as your growth partner, presents an ideal solution.

Best Results

Save time and money while increasing revenue

88 dgtl delivers an outstanding customer experience, prioritizing the protection of our clients' time above all else. Spend less than 3 hours per project


  1. Creative Sprint Call ~ 45 minutes

  2. Review Script ~ 30 minutes

  3. Review Video ~ 30 minutes

  4. Strategy Consulting - 45 minutes

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